The glass sector


Cast irons


Lamellar graphite cast iron
Lamellar graphite main characteristic is its high thermal dispersion; it is therefore used in high speed glass productions. This is the most utilised category and we offer it in various extensively tested chemical compositions.







Spheroidal graphite cast iron

The graphite structure of this type of cast iron, mostly used in the pharmaceutical and perfumes sectors, is very dense and amenable to polishing in the “glass contact” area; this yields a glass of very high-shine.







Vermicular graphite cast iron

It originates from a compromise between the two above main categories: it combines good thermal dispersion and excellent “glass contact” properties.  We consider it the material with the greatest potential for enhanced performance.






A complete catalogue of the cast irons that we currently produce is available on request.

The glass sector


Technological innovation for quality products in the glass moulds sector.

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