The glass sector


Speed, quality, research




Following some significant investments in production and control equipment, Fima Olimpia Fonderie entered the glass moulds sector in the late 1990s, by establishing collaboration with some of the largest European glass groups.


We have quickly become a reference point in the market because we are able to offer quality products and services at competitive prices.


Our close collaboration with some of the largest glass manufacturing groups allows us to make steady progress in the research and development of new alloys capable of satisfying the rising demands on the materials’ performance.


Many strong points allow Fima Olimpia to continue growing and distinguish itself by always offering forefront products aligned with the market needs: competent and motivated personnel, a modern and reliable structure, leading edge equipment, and a fully equipped laboratory to carry out all tests indispensable for these cast iron products.




Quality system

Our quality system has been recognised as conforming to the UNI EN 1SO 9001:2008 standard; the ensuing certification is thus a guarantee of products, consistently in accordance with contractual specifications.

The glass sector


Technological innovation for quality products in the glass moulds sector.

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